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Owner FAQ

Looking for a Property Manager?

How will you find potential buyers/renters for my property?

We handle all advertising, all showings and we have tenant retention strategies. We run a credit report on each tenant that signs a lease and require prior landlord references and work verification.

How will I know how my rental properties are doing?

We have regulated accounting practices. Owners receive a monthly statement with itemized actual invoices from vendors. There is no mark-up on maintenance!

Do I have to worry about maintenance of the properties?

We have relationships with our vendors, so we are able to negotiate for the best possible prices for maintenance including evenings, weekends and holidays.

If my property has an emergency, do I need to respond?

No, we handle all emergency situations and provide timely responses to communication requests.

Does Midtown Realty own apartments that compete with my rentals?

We are not owners of apartments, therefore we don't compete with you for tenants.

What are your fees for property management?

We charge a monthly management fee of 6% of the gross collected rent. And a leasing fee of 1/2 of the first full month's rent amount.

Property Management FAQ: FAQ
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