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Midtown Realty and Management offers property management services in the Omaha metro area.  We manage a wide array of rental properties, including apartment buildings, duplexes, conversions and single family homes. Our rentals range from $500 a month to $2500 a month and our clients include local owners, as well as out-of-state investors.

What makes us different from our competitors? We offer transparency in our monthly reports to owners.  Every monthly statement is backed up with a copy of each invoice to verify expenses taken from rental proceeds. Midtown Realty does not use “in house” employees for work, rather, they use outside vendors who must produce an invoice, which describes the scope of work, and the actual cost of services. This method allows a property owner to truly quantify their actual expenses. 

And we have NO HIDDEN FEES. We charge 6% of gross collected rent, and 1/2 of one month's rent for a leasing fee, PERIOD. We do not charge to market your properties. We do not tack on nominal fees to your statement that eventually add up to big numbers - no charges for postage, envelopes, or other administrative fees.

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