10 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom in Winter

January 1, 2016


Having a warm bedroom in winter is crucial to our personal happiness. We love waking up in the morning, seeing snow outside, and feeling comfortable and cozy under our covers. For 10 ways to bring some more warmth into your bedroom, click here...

  • Layer Your Bedding: Pile on an extra blanket or duvet for cozy warmth.

  • Use a Hot Water Bottle: A classic way to keep your feet warm.

  • Add Rugs: Warm up your floor with a soft rug underfoot.

  • Deep Clean: Fresh bedding and clean surfaces make a room more inviting.

  • Hang a Robe Near Your Bed: Keep warmth nearby for cold winter mornings.

  • Wear Slippers: They keep your feet warm and your floors clean.

  • Clean Your Windows: Streak-free natural light lifts your mood in the morning.

  • Insulate Your Windows: Drafty windows chill your room and waste energy.

  • Add Scent: Herbal scents like lavender and chamomile can improve your sleep.

  • Light Candles: Flickering light adds warmth and romance to the bedroom. Just remember to snuff candles out before you go to bed, or use rechargeable LED candles for safety.














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