Our Favorite Smart Phone Apps

November 20, 2017


Do you remember life before Smart Phones? I'm sure you do. But now that you have one, you feel like you could never, ever live without it. Don't you feel like something is missing if you are away from it for too long?


Do you also have Apps that you can't live without? Too many to count? Well, it's never too many!


Here are Midtown Realty employees favorite, must-have, use-every-day apps.


10. Amazon - in honor of Black Friday and Christmas shopping, both on the horizon, we love Amazon. With Prime, there is free shipping on almost everything. And even if you aren't purchasing, it is a great site to search, compare and browse.


9. Weather Bug - this is much more accurate than the Weather app that comes loaded on your phone. And the interface is more user friendly than the Weather Channel app (which I also hate because it sends me alerts... I don't need weather alerts every single day.)


8. Facebook - we all still use it and still love it. It's still fun to see each other's kids, and a great source for recommendations, opinions and really random, viral videos.


7. WhatsApp - the best way to instant message your friends abroad. You can create conversations with your entire family or group of friends, spread around the globe.


6. Etsy - the most fun place to shop, and the best place for unique gifts.


5. NBC News - we like the setup of this app better than CNN. Easy to read, nice if you only want to scroll headlines and not too much video (for when you are sneaking a peak at work.)


4. Evite - this website has never been super user friendly, and the app is no different. But is IS so nice to manage your invites on your phone, rather than having to log into the site.


3. Waterlogue - just pure fun, fun, fun. Open this app, pick a photo from your camera roll, and instantly turn it into a watercolor print! I actually printed two of these on watercolor printer paper (purchased on Amazon) and framed them. They now hang in my upstairs hall.


2. Documents - this is a must-have. Email yourself any MS Word, Excel or PDF document and save them in this app. I save an Excel SS with all my passwords, my kids school calendar and daily schedule (Both PDF's sent by the school) and my famous pancake recipe (because my mom likes me to make it at her house.)


1. Podcasts - this is a little purple icon, with a picture of a white speaker on it, that comes loaded on your phone. If you aren't familiar with Podcasts, then think 21st century radio shows. And the possibilities are
E-N-D-L-E-S-S. You can listen to news, sports, spiritual, comedy, anything, anything, anything.


Maybe next, we'll write a blog about our favorite Podcasts?!

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