Keep Your Tree Healthy This Holiday Season

December 4, 2017



Nearly 29 million households will purchase real Christmas trees this year, (according to the National Christmas Tree Association). If you want it to last through the entire holiday season, here are some pointers.


1. Make sure to fill the stand immediately after you cut the trunk. But, if you forget, most trees will be OK if you fill the stand within 24 hours.


2. Use plain water. Keep the water level above the base of the trunk.


3.  Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, heaters or fans, as these will speed up the drying process.


4. Make sure any lights you put on the tree are in good working order, and are designed for the purpose. Newer LED (light emitting diode) holiday lights cost only pennies a season to run, so they are a good value, while they also decrease fire risk because they stay cooler.


5. Make sure to keep any open flames away from the tree.


With good care, a Christmas tree can easily stay fresh for a month or even longer.


Ho-ho-ho and happy holiday season!

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