Omaha: Little Known Facts, Why it's the BEST Place to Live

April 23, 2018

When you're from Omaha, but living elsewhere, you are constantly defending "the Big O". And we've all seen Omaha and Nebraska portrayed in movies and TV shows negatively. Like we live in a sleepy town in an even sleepier state.


Well get ready. Here's the ultimate list (AKA proof) that Omaha (and NE) rock!


1. The Nebraska state slogan is "The Good Life." Enough said.

2. SPORTS! Omaha has Big Ten basketball (the Creighton Bluejays), is the host city for the College World Series and has already been chosen to host the Olympic Swim Trials for the fourth time in 2020.


3. MONEY! Four Fortune 500 companies call Omaha their home: Union Pacific, Mutual of Omaha, Kiewit Construction and Berkshire Hathaway (founded by Warren Buffett.) 

4. MUSIC! The indie music scene in Omaha is thriving. Local label Saddle Creek, reps native acts like Bright Eyes, Criteria and the Faint.

5. FOOD! Swanson Foods was based in Omaha when they created the FIRST TV dinner!


6. ANIMALS! Deemed the best in the U.S., the amazing Henry Doorly Zoo boasts the largest geodesic dome in the nation, as well as the largest indoor rain forest.

7. FOOD! Have you had a Reuben sandwich? It was invented right here at the Blackstone Hotel in Omaha.

8. SHOPPING! Omaha boasts both the largest furniture store in the U.S. (Nebraska Furniture Mart) and the biggest jewelry store (Borsheim’s). Borsheim’s includes clientele such as Hillary Clinton and Bill Gates, so you never know who you may run into there. Both of these stores were family owned for many, many years, but were purchased by Warren Buffett's company - Berkshire Hathaway (see number 3 above.)

9. HISTORY! Gerald Ford’s birthplace stands in the Field Club area of the city. Home to lovely gardens and a gazebo, you can see what the beginning of this former U.S. President’s life was like.

10. WORLD RECORD! Omaha lays claim to housing the largest stamp ball in world at the also world-famous Boys Town.


If you live in Omaha, consider yourself very lucky! People are nice, life is convenient and your kids will have a terrific upbringing. And if you don't live here, come visit. There's loads to do and see. We know you'll be "pleasantly surprised."

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