Our Favorite Smart Phone Apps II

January 31, 2019

Each year, technology keeps advancing faster than most of us can keep up. Back by popular demand, here is our second blog devoted to Midtown Realty employees favorite, must-have, use-every-day apps.


10. Google Earth - Just for fun, find your house, a beautiful beach or the tallest building in the world. Kids love this! 


9. Marco Polo - Send quick and fun videos to your friends and family. 


8. Skip the Dishes - Order food from many of your favorite restaurants, then track the little car icon on the app until it arrives at your house. 


7. QuoteYa - store all your quotes - the funny things your kids say, the inspirational words of Oprah, or your great aunt's wise words. Then see them all on your own "board". Even add pictures.


6. Google - Much easier to use Google to search than Safari. 


5. Nordstrom - hands down, the best shopping app out there. Search (for hours really,) for all your favorite clothes, shoes, purses and MORE. 


4. Sleep Machine - if you have a hard time sleeping without white noise, especially when traveling,  this app is for YOU. All kinds of sounds to choose from AND you can play up to three at a time.


3. Bitmoji - if you don't have this yet, what planet are you living on? Create your very won, look-alike Avatar and send messages to your friends telling them exactly how you feel.


2. Instagram - Our fave social media app, share photos of your own, but follow your friends, family AND famous people.


1. IMDB - Look up every celebrity, every show, every movie and find facts like where a celeb was born, how many seasons a show has, and what show/movie each actor was in. Super fun!


Hard to narrow this li


st down - for sure. We'll make another one before too long. 

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